Corporate Clothing Photography

Corporate clothing photography is just as important to us as fashion photography, after all no one likes to wear a uniform that doesn’t look fashionable. Let’s make them desirable.

Corporate Clothing Photography

Here at Photography Works we just love creating shots that stand out, take a look at our favourite corporate clothing shots from over the years.

Corporate clothing photo shoot

This particular shoot was based at an army barracks years ago, we was getting ready for the shoot when we noticed all the commotion, with a hand held camera we pulled the model in creative flair and instructed the pose, one snap and the keen eye of our head photographer we ended up with this beauty, we just love that spur of the moment shot!

Corporate clothing photo shoot with mode

As much as we love being on location we also love working from our home, the studio. Take a look at these shots done in our studio…

Behind the scenes on a corporate Clothing Photography

Corporate Clothing Photography with model

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