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Roomsets Photography

At Photography works, we pride ourselves in specialising in room set photography. As a production team they have a real passion for creating amazing room sets that surpass the clients expectations every time. With a large, spacious studio of 7,000 sq ft we have all the room we need to make your room set be whatever you want it to be!

Photography works have a dedicated team available to build your set to whatever your requirements are. Be it furniture, soft furnishings, kitchens, or any photography that requires a room set our studio is the ideal choice. Our team includes set designers, builders and stylists who all come together to create for you a stunning, unique and individual set.

Why Glen is Considered One of The Best Roomsets Photographer in Leeds, UK?

Please let Photography works help you to create the exquisite roomsets images you have always aspired to, we will share ideas with you and push the photography boundaries to new levels. We look forward to working with you, please contact our production team on 01924 499666 or email, the possibilities are endless!

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