Stock Images Vs Professional Photography

When it comes to online imagery I understand the urge to use stock photo’s, after all they’re super cheap and we can download them instantly without the need of booking our own photo shoot.

Would you feel the same sense of desire if you saw your competitors with the same image? I see it like this; I once purchased a coat from a high street retailer, it was reasonably priced and seemed

so convenient for me at the time. I was over the moon with my purchase, until i stepped out of the store and almost immediately noticed a teenage girl wearing the same coat. I should have

turned round and taken the coat back, however thinking it was coincidence I decided not to return it. It absolutely was not, everywhere I turned someone had the same coat as me, to the point people even mentioned it

to me, in fact, it was that common I bet half of you will remember, that mustard puffed coat EVERYONE was wearing a few winters ago? Yes it was ideal at the time but, in the long run I didn’t want to

wear the same as everyone else. Stock photos always come with the same consequence.



Marketing a brand is all about ensuring consumers recognise us, after all those years we have spent building a reputable brand we don’t want to let a stock image that is being used by our competitors

give people a different idea of what we stand for.  Stock shots are taken in advance without any branding of products in sight or any brief or knowledge of your brand, they are delivered as they are, leaving

no chance to revisit the angle or adjust the lighting.  The stock photos are never taken with specific products or ideas in mind and usually are vague in execution. When it comes to a photo shoot, we at Photography Works consider

everything from your brands vision and products to exactly what your target market wants to see. We work closely with you in order to ensure your vision is exactly what we see on the final image.



Most important of all, with professional photography we don’t ‘settle’ for an image, we work our best to create your dream vision for your products. We ensure lighting and props that complement your product to the highest standard and we create images that stand out from the repetitive crowd. No two of our images look the same and you won’t catch your competitors using the same images. Give your consumers a true representation of your products and brand and you will see them returning the loyalty.

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